The sound of Lemohai dialects

There were seven dialects in Eastern Dahu, four of which were represented on Mohai. By the modern era these have reduced to three thanks to a mixture of education, broadcasting and increased travel. The three modern dialect areas are: Northern, Central and Southern. The Central dialect has most speakers.

The phonology of Modern Standard Lemohai (MSL) is based on educated speech from the capital Orisu and the surrounding area. This lies within the Central dialect zone, half way up the east coast.

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What does Lemohai sound like?



Modern Standard Lemohai has five oral monophthongs plus a nasal equivalent for each, making ten monophthongs in all.  Nasal monophthongs are written with a trailing nasal consonant.

Oral: a, e, i, o, u = /a, ɛ, i, ɔ, u /

Nasal: an, en, in, on, un

OR: am, em, im, om, um = /ã, ɛ̃, ĩ, ɔ̃, ũ/

Historical VN and CVN syllables gave rise to of the modern nasal vowels. Hence trailing -N are retained in the native script and in transliteration.

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