Plan of campaign (2) : the drilldown

More site news, but here, at least, I start to move towards actual content. The Mohai Project is, as noted, a study of the island of Mohai. To study Mohai properly though, I will need to look at the neighbours it interacts most with.

I intend to write in depth about the geography, history, culture and language of Mohai. I will need to make sketch notes on Mohai’s traditional allies and their languages (most are from the same language family).

I will also make a medium-sized study of Mohai’s main historical antagonist Heiko and its language. This needs a fuller treatment as the two powers often defined themselves in opposition to each other.

Other parts of the planet will not be studied, though the planet itself inevitably must. I will also touch on the physics of parallel worlds.

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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