Plan of campaign (1) : overview

Since starting my previous site, I have come to appreciate better how blogs work. Apparently, they need not just be viewed chronologically. Thanks to tags and categories, similar posts can be viewed together. Who knew?

At this site, then, I will use blogposts to give conlang and conworld info, not just excuses for the non-appearance of long pdf files, as per the old site. Blogposts will be brief and informally written. They will include elements of the external story: why and how I did what I did. They will appear relatively frequently

Pages and pdfs will be written formally and in more depth. They will appear less frequently and will be subject to occasional revision.

My old material isn’t wasted though. It has been enjoyable to produce and I’ve learnt stuff from it. Thanks to my previous sites, my Mohai site will be better than it would otherwise have been.

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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