Been redecorating (1)

Alert readers will have noticed some changes to the colour scheme for this site lately. It should be stable now for a couple of months. I hope you like the new scheme. I think the white background gives the site more of a spacious feel and the other colours are closer to my original concept for the site – before I fell for the Decode theme.

I still like Decode, but I think I’ll go over to the Twenty Sixteen default scheme once its become stable and has been officially released. Twenty Sixteen has less options than Decode, but so much of what I’d want is there already, so lack of options turns out not to be a great problem. I find the new theme both functional and elegant.

I want something with a serif font for the main body of text to add interest to the main visual element. Both themes are relatively uncluttered and distraction-free so readers can focus on my content. To further encourage reading, I’ve now put full posts on the front page instead of excerpts. This also makes the site less busy. Information comes more slowly, giving the site a stiller, more tranquil feel.

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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