Not dead yet (1)

It looks like November 2015 will be the first month in which I don’t add anything to substantial to my Mohai blog. So I’m dropping by to say that this not because there’s anything wrong with me, or because I’ve given up on the blog, or anything.

Au Cointreau. There’s a lot of exciting developments behind the scenes. I’ve not been able to sign off any of it though, as one element depends on another.

The development of contemporary Lemohai phonetics led, naturally, to consideration of how Old Lemohai-Letsuri sounded. That in turn led me to start sketching-out its ultimate ancestor Proto-Dahu. These stages then needed to be linked by sound changes.

Then, the sound changes needed mapping against a timeline. Of course, the timeline could not be purely linguistic. Major political events have had to be added in, as things like invasions have a big effect on what languages are spoken where.

The next question was how should the timeline be recorded and that led into considerations of what the calendar should look like. Or rather the calendars. The local culture will need a calendar linked to the dominant Zayedin religion, but in the modern era it will also use an international cross-cultural calendar in some contexts.

I’ve more or less settled on what Proto-Dahu and Eastern Dahu should sound like. I’ve also laid down the main lines of development between PD and ED, ED and M Lem. However, given the timespans involved I think I need some more changes. I particularly need more changes specific to single sounds in certain contexts. I’m alright for global ones.

I’ve also sketched out a “linguistics plus” timeline that I’m reasonably happy with. I need to check how realistic parts of it are.

The timeline I have is recorded in terms of “years ago”. This needs to be converted into dates in the Zayedin and Pan-Tekuan calendars. This work has barely started. I’ve given myself a quick refresher course in calendar-making and got some initial ideas together and that’s about it.

Which of these elements I’m ready to publish first is anybody’s guess. I suspect it will be the calendars and timeline. Then I can plot the sound changes in time. December and January should see these developments baring fruit, so stay tuned!


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