Been redecorating (2)

As previously promised, I have now transited to a new look. I’m now using the new WordPress default theme, Twenty Sixteen. This has had to wait until WordPress 4.4 was available. 4.4 is the only version of WordPress that supports Twenty Sixteen. I like the new theme’s layout and it sounds good at a technical level, too.

The colour scheme is a scheme I never tire of: dark blue, pale grey and aqua. There’s also a wisp of grey in the page background to make the text less bright. The theme came with a border which I didn’t like. I got rid of it simply by making it the same colour as the main page. It’s still there really, you just can’t see it 😉

So now back to conlanging. The promised timeline is now nearly ready. I also have a tweak to the phonology up my sleeve. At some point I may take time out to review Mark Rosenfelder‘s latest conlanging and conworlding guide the China Construction Kit. My copy arrived a couple of days ago!

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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