Simplifying the site

This post is the counterpart to the previous wherein I outlined the changes I have made to the concept of my study area. This post states what I am doing to content posts and subject metadata to realise the changes to the scenario.

As luck would have it, not much change is required on the site. I will now list all the posts, categories and tags I need to alter. I will update this post to record when changes are made.

The following posts need altering:

Time for a timeline (1)   DONE

Old Lemohai-Letsuri : a linguistic overview   DONE

(Retitled: “Eastern Dahu”)

        Who were the Dahu?     DONE

(Retitled: “Who were the Proto-Dahu-Kemba?”)

A few yet to be published drafts will also need changing, but these will be dealt with as the need arises.

Only one category will need altering. Its definition and application to posts will also need to be re-assessed, though:

Dahu people   DONE

The following tags need altering. As with the categories, their definitions and applications to posts will need to be re-assessed:

Classical Leheitak   DONE (now Kemba)

Dahu languages   DONE

Dahu people   DONE

Lemohai   DONE

Leheitak   DONE (now Heiko)

Letsuri   DONE

Modern Leheitak   DONE (now Leheiko)

Modern Lemohai   DONE

Old Lemohai-Letsuri   DONE

Proto-Dahu language   DONE

I will also have to alter references to my study area elsewhere on the Internet, at:

Conlang Atlas of Language Structures

Old Lemohai-Letsuri   DONE (now Dahu)

Classical Leheitak   DONE (now Kemba)

Senduri    DONE

Language Construction Society members’ list

A couple of new CALS pages will also need to be created. One for the Eastern Dahu language, one for Leheiko and one for Yanar Bateng.

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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