An explanation of sorts …

Alert readers will have noticed that I’ve not posted here for while. This is due to three or four factors.

My mother-in-law died in April. Since then my wife and I have been busy organising the funeral and sorting out her mother’s estate. While we were doing that, some bright spark called a general election, so once again politics drew me away from conlanging.

The election finished in mid June, since when I’ve got back to working out sound changes from Proto-Dahu-Kemba to Lemohai. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that this has occasioned a rethink or three about my conlangs and their setting.

I’m considering resimplifying the scenario and making Mohai an archipelago rather than a single island. This all needs further thought, though. I’ve also discovered I need less phonemes in the Proto-Dahu-Kemba language than I once thought. I’m more or less decided on the changes I want to make in this respect.

As for Lemohai, whilst I like the phonology ideas it contains, they may need spreading out around other languages to make those languages more interesting. I think I’ll put that mostly on hold and go with changing PDK then deriving Dahu and Kemba.

So stay tuned, this blog is still a going concern!

Author: David Johnson

Language constructor, writer, music fan and activist.

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