Picking up the threads

So, I’m back! While I’ve been away, I’ve been thinking. This is always dangerous and usually heralds a big rewrite somewhere. This is also true now.

Gradually, and without my consciously deciding it, the project has become less about Lemohai and more about the rest of the Dahu-Kemba language family. I’ve been looking at how language families are modelled on the Akana collaborative conworld site and have been struck by a number of impressively concise phoneme inventories there.

Languages like Kataputi, Proto-Lukpanic, Pencek and Proto-Tulameya have only nineteen or twenty phonemes, yet still have interesting phoneme inventories. I thought I’d been brief-but-interesting with Lemohai’s twenty-eight sounds, but clearly I could go briefer and still maintain interest value.

A couple of points have long bothered me about the current Lemohai inventory. Eight of the twenty-eight phonemes are written with digraphs and that’s a high number. Whatsmore, nine of the eighteen consonants are obstruent stops, another high number. I’m also struggling to derive all twenty-eight sounds from Proto-Dahu-Kemba.

If I reduce the number of phonemes in Lemohai, this makes it easier to model the sound changes from Proto-Dahu-Kemba to Lemohai. It also frees up phonological ideas for use elsewhere in the family. Most of the family will still only be sketched-out and act as naming languages and sources of loanwords for Lemohai, but I think it’s worth getting the basics right for them.

I have a new inventory in mind for Lemohai. It’s settled bar a couple of points which I shall mull over some more between now and New Year. I also have positive plans for re-using the phonemes  I drop from Lemohai. I still like these sounds and moving them will enhance the project as a whole.

An explanation of sorts …

Alert readers will have noticed that I’ve not posted here for while. This is due to three or four factors.

My mother-in-law died in April. Since then my wife and I have been busy organising the funeral and sorting out her mother’s estate. While we were doing that, some bright spark called a general election, so once again politics drew me away from conlanging.

The election finished in mid June, since when I’ve got back to working out sound changes from Proto-Dahu-Kemba to Lemohai. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that this has occasioned a rethink or three about my conlangs and their setting.

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Taking stock

This blog is now some nineteen months old. During this time, content and appearance have been unusually stable by my standards and until recently there has been a regular updating.

I took time off in the Spring for a period of political activity. That has now finished and I have come back to the blog following another period of reflection on content and presentation.

My attempts to produce a set of sound changes from a proto-language have suffered setbacks, but the project has emerged stronger for them. I can now see what a couple of Lemohai’s sister languages will look like.

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More previous

I’m pleased to report that I have found four more old files and added them to my Previous page, a list of old projects from before the Mohai scenario.

There’s two new language files been added and two new sports files. The language files are sketch grammars of Suomina (a Finno-Latin hybrid) and Xelhara a moderately head-marking language from the Lesdeka scenario. These flesh-out the brief descriptions of those languages already on the page.

As to sport, I’ve found the oldest version of Yhebano. Yhebano was a ball-handling team game and ancestor to the Mohaian sport of Hebanon. I’ve added a description of the rules and history of the game plus a set of results from the league I once ran.

You can check this all out following the link above.


Previously …

Readers may have noticed that I have added a new page to the site. The new page is titled Previous and is a record of the conlangs I created before the start of the Mohai project. Some of these have made it into the Mohai project. Files about a couple of earlier languages have also been embedded in the page. Why not take a closer look?

Been redecorating (2)

As previously promised, I have now transited to a new look. I’m now using the new WordPress default theme, Twenty Sixteen. This has had to wait until WordPress 4.4 was available. 4.4 is the only version of WordPress that supports Twenty Sixteen. I like the new theme’s layout and it sounds good at a technical level, too.

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Not dead yet (1)

It looks like November 2015 will be the first month in which I don’t add anything to substantial to my Mohai blog. So I’m dropping by to say that this not because there’s anything wrong with me, or because I’ve given up on the blog, or anything.

Au Cointreau. There’s a lot of exciting developments behind the scenes. I’ve not been able to sign off any of it though, as one element depends on another.

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Been redecorating (1)

Alert readers will have noticed some changes to the colour scheme for this site lately. It should be stable now for a couple of months. I hope you like the new scheme. I think the white background gives the site more of a spacious feel and the other colours are closer to my original concept for the site – before I fell for the Decode theme.

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