What does Ezenii sound like?

The sound of Öklane’s distant relative.

Modern Ezenii is the language of the small nation-state of Ezekaa on the continent of Umãka to the north of Aheku. It has a total of twenty-nine phonemes. For the most part, these do not vary according to their phonetic environment. They are arranged in moderately complex syllables.

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Ezenii: a linguistic overview

The language of Ökla’s longstanding colony.

Ezenii is a contemporary language from the planet Tekuo. Its speakers are a race of Ike, who live in Ezekaa, a small nation-state on the continent of Umãka, to the north of Aheku. Like the people of Mohai and most of the rest of Aheku, they belong to the Utai race (or, Copperfolk).

They call both themselves and their language Ezenii. For much of the modern era, Ezekaa was part of the Öklane Empire. Ezenii has therefore been strongly influenced by Öklane.

Most Ezenii speakers live in Ezekaa though a few live in border regions of neighbouring countries. Five percent of the population of Ezekaa is first language Öklane and nowadays, the two language enjoy co-offical status. Historically though, Öklane was the prestige language and Ezenii seen as somewhat lower class and rustic.

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