Öklane: a linguistic overview

The language of Mohai’s rival power.

Öklane is a contemporary language from the planet Tekuo. Its speakers are a race of Ike, who call themselves and their language Öklane. Like the people of Mohai and most of Aheku, they belong to the Utai race (or copperfolk).

The language originated in Ökla, the largest nation-state on the continent of Umãka, to the north of Aheku. Ökla built an Empire in the early modern era, conquering much of South-East Umãka and North-East Aheku, but not Mohai.

Most Öklane speakers live in Ökla though there are sizeable minorities scattered across Ökla’s former empire. In Ezekaa for example, 5% of the population speaks Öklane and the language enjoys co-offical status with the local language Ezenii. Öklane is studied as a second language in many countries.

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What does Öklane sound like?

The tongue of a northerly empire.

Modern Öklane is the language of Ökla, the largest nation-state on the continent of Umãka to the north of Aheku. It has a total of thirty-one phonemes. Their sounds vary surprisingly little according to their phonetic environment. They are arranged in moderately complex syllables.

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