Picking up the threads (2)

Another long absence has ensued for which I can only apologise. This time its been occasioned by a variety of things. We continue to have problems winding up my late mother-in-law’s estate. Relations with my brother-in-law remain bad.

My wife has fallen downstairs and injured her shoulder. The combined effects of this and the stress of the above means she has become depressed. All of this means more work for me to do.

Also, in May, I fought a local council election. I came a respectable second out of four candidates.

Not surprisingly, I’ve not had much time for conlanging. My conlang blog has become a series of excuses for not blogging.

And yet … behind the scenes, something stirs. I’ve had a major rethink. I’ve opted to make Tekuo a separate world instead of a parallel Earth. This gives more creative freedom and makes tasks more fun again. It’s also proving easier to create from scratch than to fit in to Earthly limitations.

Look out then, for a massive reboot of the site. I plan soon to unpublished practically everything and republish each post as I update it to Mohai 2.0.

Stay tuned, as they say!





Picking up the threads

So, I’m back! While I’ve been away, I’ve been thinking. This is always dangerous and usually heralds a big rewrite somewhere. This is also true now.

Gradually, and without my consciously deciding it, the project has become less about Lemohai and more about the rest of the Dahu-Kemba language family. I’ve been looking at how language families are modelled on the Akana collaborative conworld site and have been struck by a number of impressively concise phoneme inventories there.

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An explanation of sorts …

Alert readers will have noticed that I’ve not posted here for while. This is due to three or four factors.

My mother-in-law died in April. Since then my wife and I have been busy organising the funeral and sorting out her mother’s estate. While we were doing that, some bright spark called a general election, so once again politics drew me away from conlanging.

The election finished in mid June, since when I’ve got back to working out sound changes from Proto-Dahu-Kemba to Lemohai. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that this has occasioned a rethink or three about my conlangs and their setting.

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