What does Senduri sound like?

The strange sound of Mohai’s island neighbours.

Unified Senduri is the standard version of Senduri, the native language of the Thuri (or Turi) archipelago. It has a total of twenty-three phonemes. Their sounds vary a little according to their phonetic environment. They are arranged in simple syllables.

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Senduri: a linguistic overview

A distant cousin of Lemohai, yet so unlike it.

Senduri is a contemporary language from the planet Tekuo with deep historical roots. Its speakers are a race of Ike, who call themselves and their language Senduri. They call their home the Turi archipelago. In Lemohai it is known as Thuri.

Senduri is a fascinating language and was long thought to be a linguistic isolate. However, it has now been shown to be a particularly deviant descendant of Proto-East-Aheku. It is therefore a distant relative of the Cismontane and Transmontane languages and of Maritime languages like Lemohai.

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