The islands of Mohai

Some basic information.

The archipelago of Mohai lies to the east of the continent of Aheku on the planet Tekuo. It consists of four main islands: Itoa, Kẽpa, Pheku and Sumahi along with many smaller ones. Mohai lies in the tropical zone and has a monsoon climate.

It has an area of 326,510 square kilometres (126,065 square miles) and a population of 26.2 million. This works out at 80.2 people per square kilometre. It has a similar area, population and population density to the African state of Ivory Coast.

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What have the Romohai ever done for us?

The islanders’ contributions to the planet’s civilisation.

It is sometimes said on Tekuo that the Romohai are an inventive lot. This may or may not be the case, but if you have a good idea in Mohai, there’s a whole infrastructure to help you test it and bring it to market.

Workplaces are co-operative and non-hierarchical. Universities are integrated into society and the economy. Small, regional banks make their money by investing in new products and services rather than playing the stock exchange. This infrastructure has been exported to the former Romohai Empire.

What else though, have the Romohai contributed? The following are perhaps worth a mention:

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Welcome to my website which is focussed on the archipelago of Mohai, its people the Romohai, and their language Lemohai. Mohai is a large island nation off the continent of Aheku, on a fictional world called Tekuo.

Tekuo is an Earth-like planet, inhabited by a race of sentient hominids called the Ike. They share their home planet with a range of supernatural beings.

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