The island of Mohai

The island nation of Mohai lies to the north-east of the continent of Aheku on the planet Tekuo. It consists of one main island along with many smaller ones. Mohai lies in the tropical zone and has a monsoon climate.

It has an area of 362,500 square kilometres and a population of 23.5 million. This works out at 65 people per square kilometre. It has a similar area to Germany or Japan, a similar population to Australia and population density like that of Ireland. This makes it one of Tekuo’s smaller nations.

Mohai is a diamond-shaped island aligned east to west. It consists mostly of low, rolling hills and coastal plains with rich volcanic and alluvial soils. These rise towards rocky mountains, some of which are extinct or active volcanoes.

The island is a republic with its capital at Orisu, a port city on the south-east coast. The second city is Turoakhi, a port in the north-west. For administrative purposes, the island is divided into provinces. These have a large degree of autonomy.

Mohai also rules a number of outlying island groups. Some of these have a degree of local autonomy, but none are large enough for full provincial status. It has a few colonies and ex-colonies with varying degrees of independence.

The population includes a few small minority groups, but the vast majority are ethnic Romohai who speak Lemohai and follow the Sutane faith.

The economy is strong. Citizens of Mohai enjoy one of Tekuo’s highest standards of living, thanks to their high-tech economy and strong service sector.

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By David Johnson

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  1. This post has been edited many times down the years as the size and shape of the island waxed and waned. It was last edited in August 2021. I hope it will now be stable. It should be as it gives the island a size and shape that allow it to do the things I want. For example, it is big enough to have had an Empire, yet its east-west axis ensures it all stays in the same climate zone.

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