A selection of sites I like and sites I have found helpful for my work here.

Conlang Community

Conlang Atlas of Language Structures – structured overviews of many conlangs

Conlangers’ Bulletin Board – an active and friendly conlang forum

Conlang Mailing List – for those who prefer their conlang discussion by email

Conlangery Podcast – entertaining and regular podcast about our craft

Language Creation Society – the only formally constituted society for conlangers

Zompist Bulletin Board – a lively and erudite conlang forum with a particular interest in naturalistic conlangs, in the style of Zompist’s Verduria project


Aingeljã – A euphonious and pleasant looking Romlang by Angél Serrano Sanchéz

Ayeri – Jipí’s Tagalog inspired language

Delta Naidda – A verb initial language by Radius Solis

Kala – an agglutinating SOV language by masako (sano)

Kamakawi – David Peterson’s Polynesian-style conlang

Kataputi – an ergative SOV language from the Akana world, by Thedukeofnuke

– an East Asian-style conlang by zompist

Lingua Franca Nova – a Romance Creole-style auxiliary language

Pencek – an SVO conlang with simple morphology, by Radius Solis

Sudric – if, like me, you’re a fan of  Thomas the Tank Engine, you may enjoy these notes on Sudric, the ancient Celtic language of the Island of Sodor. There’s a little more here on the TTTE Wika.

Tirkunan – a Romance Creole-style art language, by Henrik Theiling

Toki Pona – as minimalist as it gets (by Sonja Lang)

Conworld Community

Alternate History Discussion Board – a forum for developers of alternative timelines

Cartographers’ Guild – a forum for map creators and map fans

This Day in Alternate History – scenes from alternative timelines

Conlang & Conworld Resources

Artifexian – a thorough and entertaining collection of YouTube videos with a focus on astronomy.

Biblaridion – Another great collection of YouTube videos, this time with a focus on biology.

Conlanger’s Library – links galore

Conlangery Podcast – an occasional podcast about the craft

Gen – generates words for a dictionary or test paragraphs in your chosen orthography

Gleb – generates phoneme inventories and phonotactic ideas

Journey of Mankind – how the Earth was populated

Kinship & Social Organization – University of Manitoba site exploring the main kinds of kinship system in our world

Language Construction Kit – a good how-to guide, also available as a book and e-book

Paleomap Project – map collection, showing the movements of tectonic plates

Review of “China Construction Kit” – my review of an interesting book (embedded in page as pdf)

SCA² – a sound change applier to help make consistent historical sound changes

Natural Languages

Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures – structured overviews of many creole and pidgin languages

BahasaKita – an Indonesian language site

Erromanga – an agglutinating SVO language that has helped in the design of Leheitak

Gbe Languages – an isolating language family of West Africa

Haitian Creole – Wikipedia page for this Romance creole

Jumieka – fun and user-friendly Jamaican language site

Langfocus – an interesting and well-presented series of language-themed YouTube videos

Maká – an SVO language with complex (but un-European) morphology

Malay Grammar – Malay and Indonesian mix deriving morphology and word order devices in a similar way to Lemohai

Multicultural London English – a new dialect that is fascinating linguists

Omniglot – a collection of writing systems, real and constructed

Pohnpeian – an oceanic language with a formidable set of pronouns and other nice features

Tagalog Grammar – of help to me in designing Senduri

Thai – a good Thai language learning site

Tok Pisin – a creole language of Papua New Guinea

Tokelauan – another fistful of pronouns here, plus some nice syntax

Universals Archive – recording strong and widespread tendencies in the languages of our world

Vietnamese Grammar – an isolating language grammar focusing on word order issues

World Atlas of Language Structures – structured overviews of many natural languages

Yoruba – Oluseye Adesola’s introduction to the main points of Yoruba grammar

Zapotec Languages – a group of closely related VSO languages with simple morphology

Web Design Resources

ColorSchemer – helps to pick colours that go with each other (under reconstruction, September 2018)

Cloford – colour samples and other useful web design tools

Dafont – a nice collection of downloadable, including historic, futuristic and fantasy ones

Font Squirrel – a large, well-indexed collection of downloadable fonts

Google Fonts – a huge collection of downloadable fonts

Paletton – another, more complex, colour-picking tool

w3schools – tutorials in HTML and CSS  along with a simple yet powerful colour-picker

WordPress Codex – getting the most out of your WordPress site

Conlanging in the News

Klingon speakers rejoice – The golden era of fictional languages is now (Guardian, 2014)

Star Wars Ewokese to Star Trek Klingon – How do you invent a language? (Guardian, 2014)

Game of Thrones’ Dothraki – David J. Peterson talks about the language he created for the TV series (Guardian, 2015)

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