Hello. My name is David Johnson. I am in my sixties and married with one adult son. I live in the scenic English county of North Yorkshire and work as a librarian specialising in the Romance languages, Basque and Finnish.

I have imagined languages and countries since I was little. Nowadays, I am a member of the Language Creation Society and under my own name, and under the name Ketumak, I belong to the Zompist and Conlanger Bulletin Boards.

In the Lemohai language and its relatives, I have sought a balance between familiar features for realism and unusual ones to give character. I have taken ideas from English, my work languages, Indonesian, Yoruba and Tok Pisin plus Jamaican and Haitian Creoles.

I made Tekuo an Earth-like planet, so that I could cite convergent evolution and similar physics to justify similar languages and creatures. I have added some creative features as well.

Designing CONstructed LANGuages and worlds like this is an absorbing hobby that calls for creativity and logic, breadth of vision and attention to detail. It can be done from home and does not cost much. You can discover more about conlanging and conwordling at the sites on my Links page.

(All material on this site ©David Johnson from date of posting, unless otherwise stated).

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