“Grammarly” added

For a while now, I’ve been seeing advertisements on YouTube for something called Grammarly. It’s a cunning little beast that burrows into all your signed in accounts and corrects your spelling and grammar.

Of course, there’s a similar creature living in most offline word-processing packages, but they don’t help you write directly onto the internet.

I’ve now taken the plunge and added Grammarly to my laptop and spent the last hour or so correcting my posts on this site according to the strictures of Grammarly.

Grammarly and I are mostly in agreement, though it has taught me things about the placement of commas and hyphens. It has also shown me where WordPress has added extra spaces. I certainly don’t remember adding them myself.

My only criticism is that it sometimes only gives you the option to “ignore” and not to “add to dictionary”. This matters as “ignore”s have to be renewed whenever you revise the post. It’s free though, and it’s good.

So, minor grammatical tweaks have now just appeared throughout the site. Future posts will come pre-Grammarly-ised. Is that a word? No doubt Grammarly will soon tell me šŸ™‚

If you’re running a conlang blog, I’d recommend adding Grammarly to it. You can get the free version from grammarly.com.

By David Johnson

Conlanger, writer and activist.

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