“Google Fonts” added

Google Fonts has now been added to this website and has massively extended my display options. The free version currently gives you over 800 fonts to use on your site.

It allows you to change the font used on each element of your site, even if you’re running a theme that does not normally permit such changes.

Conlang websites by their nature are text-heavy and we conlangers tend to appreciate a good font, so the extra choice it offers is well worth having, IMHO.

Through Google Fonts, I first reset mohai.conlang.org into a mixture of Noto Serif and Noto Sans. They are not perhaps the most exciting fonts out there, but they have a huge character set, including all the International Phonetic Alphabet. This is clearly a great boon for the conlanger.

In May 2020 I moved over to the Merriweather and Merriweather Sans fonts as I prefer their designs and they are still large and legible. The rendering of IPA characters has not suffered.

In May 2021, I changed again to Open Sans for headings and Roboto for body text. IPA characters are still rendered well.

If you’re running WordPress on your conlang blog. I recommend you add the Google Fonts plugin. You can also visit the Google Fonts website to look at samples of the lovely fonts it offers.

By David Johnson

Conlanger, writer and activist.

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