Lemohai : a linguistic overview

Lemohai is a contemporary language from the planet Tekuo. Its speakers are a race of Ikhe, who call themselves the Romohai. They are found mainly on the island of Mohai, though some moved to colonies on the mainland during the island’s Imperial Era.

There are some 15.6 million native speakers in all. Around 12.1 million live on Mohai, whilst the rest live in nearby mainland countries, mostly in ports and large cities. The language is also used as a lingua franca across much of North Aheku and widely studied as a second language.

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What have the Romohai ever done for us?

It is sometimes said on Tekuo that the Romohai are an inventive lot. This may or may not be the case, but if you have a good idea on Mohai, there’s a whole infrastructure to help you test it and bring it to market.

Workplaces are co-operative and non-hierarchical. Universities are integrated into society and the economy. Small, regional banks make their money by investing in new products and services rather than playing the stock exchange. This infrastructure has been exported to the former Romohai Empire.

What else though, have the Romohai contributed? The following are perhaps worth a mention:

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Planet Tekuo

My study area lies on the planet Tekuo. Tekuo is a parallel Earth that has been diverging from our world since the end of the Jurassic Age, some 150 million years ago.

Naturally, the planet’s dimensions are the same as ours, its year the same length, and its present is our present.

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What kind of person does this?

You’re probably wondering what kind of odd person spends time writing about non-existent places and languages. Well, I’m happy to report that we’re a fairly normal bunch. We’re interested in people and how they talk and that’s about as normal as it gets.

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